Monday, June 11, 2018

We now officially know what the "B" in IHOP's new name means

Drumroll, please. Or not – it all depends on your feelings about cheap pancakes. As we predicted, after weeks of teasing, IHOP's dropping its big newsAs of Monday, June 11th, 2018, the chain says it's changed its name to IHOb (for "International House of Burgers") from IHOP, (for International House of Pancakes.) Wow. This is just breathtaking stuff. SEE ALSO: We think we figured out what IHOP’s name change means The company made the announcement with a splashy burger-filled video posted to Twitter on Monday. IHOP customers can look forward to such traditional classics as the "Big Brunch Burger" and the "Cowboy Burger." Read more... More about Watercooler, Burgers, Ihop, Culture, and Food source: #Headlines by: Heather Dockray

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